Miracle Makers Foundation

1445 Whitney Isles Drive ,. -Windermere

Phone: (407) 468-1035


Miracle Makers was founded in November 2014, by Maya Tharoo with the express purpose of aiding children born prematurely and their families. This, however, is not simply another issue for Maya; the reason being that Maya Tharoo was born 2 months before her expected due date. Maya herself was the same as all those children she seeks to help. Helping not simply with words, but also actions; Maya Tharoo has been volunteering at the Winnie Palmer Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) since the age of 5 when it was under Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital. At 9 she was the youngest recipient of the Orlando Community Builder Rising Star Award in 2014. In addition, her ‘Team Maya’ raised the second-highest funds for the Winnie Miracle Mile and has been part of it since 2004. Maya has shown time and again, how dedicated she is to this issue and how she will stop at nothing to see children receive not the care that they need; but the care that they deserve.


(407) 468-1035



CEO/Exec. Director

Maya T


Children's and Family Services